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QEI helps you understand the "actual" quality of education provided in the institute. So, before you Google or ask a friend about a college, school or a preschool try finding them on QEI first. Just scroll down to see how it works.


QEI is very easy to use, here are the 3 things you should know before you start.
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QEI makes it easy for you to Find & Choose the best college, school or even preschool.


QEI gives you the freedom to Ask for the quality of faculty or FIAWPL™ without the need of going to the educational institute.

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Could not find the educational institute? You can add it. You get the privilege to be notified first when the institute is updated.


Every student is unique and special. So we designed QEI to help you understand the quality of any institute in India based on FIAWPL™. Here is why few parents are really excited about QEI.

Exactly What I Need

As a parent it was very important for me to find an institute with the best faculty. The common answer by the institute is “we have the best faculty/we train them ” but I never got to know more about the educator. I am glad QEI gives me the freedom to ask and understand the quality of faculty. Helping me understand the educator in person before I join my child in the institute is one of my favorite features on QEI.
- Ravinder Chauhan - Managing Director @ 99mag

Totally Impressed

I know how much time consuming it is to select the best educational institute. For me, the only options left out were, to google it and take others opinions about the institute. I think, what makes QEI special, is the way it presents the educational institute. It is easy to understand, I am totally impressed.

- Rakesh - Works @ Rockwell Collins
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